The Bulgarian Pavilion logo unites the dynamics of the “Mobility” theme through the colours of our rich nature, the energy of our folklore and the beauty of the Bulgarian national symbol – the rose. With its distinctive design the logo will remain in the minds of everyone who experiences the Bulgarian Pavilion.

The Pavilion will create a unique Bulgarian experience by allowing each guest to experience Bulgaria the same way we experience life, through our senses. Visitors will inhale rose oil, taste unique rose petal jam, and walk amongst rose fields through special 3D mapping. Every guest can expect a sensorial experience, which only the “liquid gold of the Bulgarian rose” can create.

Bulgarian Rose Damascena

The Rose Valey in Bulgaria. 
The Bulgarian Damascena rose – the inspiration behind the official logo of the Bulgarian Pavilion

The natural aromatic rose oil has been a national symbol of Bulgaria for centuries, as our country is a world leader in the production of rose oil – a sector that is constantly evolving, changing and adapting to new developments of cultivating and distilling. Over the years, Bulgaria has maintained its leading role in rose production by preserving traditions, upholding high production standards and showing flexibility to world market trends. It is no coincidence that the world calls us “The Land of Roses”.

Annual Rose-picking.
A Bulgarian girl dressed in traditional Thracian clothing (Photo by Marin Marinov, Karlovo, 2021)


The precious rose oil is well-known in the Middle East, another reason why the rose is the main symbol of the Bulgarian Pavilion – as a sign of respect for our hosts and the motto “Connecting minds, creating the future.”

We believe that every rose is an expression of love and harmony beyond borders – and this is the future of humanity and our shared mission at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Bulgarian Pavilion Story

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