Our country will present itself in the dynamic zone “Mobility – living of people, goods and ideas”. The theme where our country fits best with its strategic geographic location, transport corridors, highly technological capacity, access to markets and rich cultural influences. The Bulgarian pavilion will showcase these in various attractive ways, demonstrating its recent validation as a country with high technological capacity.

The architecture of the pavilion is consistent with the Mobility theme and with Bulgaria’s cultural heritage. Our goal is to provide visitors with an unforgettable and diverse experience, that reminds us that mobility lays in the foundation of human progress.

Architecture and design. Spectacular video materials will showcase Bulgaria’s archeological, architectural and historical landmarks, creating an immersive experience for every guest at the Bulgarian Pavilion.

Our guests will have the opportunity to see and feel Bulgaria through 3D-mapping, taste and smell the authentic aromas of our country, explore various initiatives and artistic participations, which not only reveal our rich history, nature and talent, but also create new opportunities for business, travel exploration, science, technology and sustainable development.

The Bulgarian Pavilion. Through the use of breathtaking images and video materials the viewer will enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria’s nature, its magnificent cultural heritage and tourism.

Situated on two floors with a total area of 800 square meters, the pavilion creates a feeling of a large-scale, vital and modern architecture. The Bulgarian pavilion fits into the overall environment of Expo 2020 Dubai carrying the spirit of Bulgaria. This is achieved with the use of a number of screens located in the pavilion, which will provide a rich multimedia environment, creating an authentic atmosphere transcending each visitor to Bulgaria.

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