Today, nearly 10 million jobs in global production remain vacant due to the growing skills gap and over the next decade, robotics are expected to replace the work of millions of employees. High structural unemployment rates are among the top five global risks of the World Economic Forum. Creating opportunities for a growing global population today is a key challenge that is the focus of the Opportunity district.

The Opportunity Portal

Expo 2020 Dubai. Photo image of the Opportunity Portal by revered architect Asif Khan

Here you will meet people who are transforming dreams and aspirations into realities of tomorrow by unlocking the potential within oneself. The district provides various opportunities to meet and connect  with change leaders, social innovators and young leaders  who are having a measurable impact on people’s lives across the world.

Expo 2020 Dubai. Beautiful and balanced architecture of the Opportunity District

Opportunity District View

Mission Possible: Opportunity Pavilion

Even the smallest actions can change the world

You are the key to unlocking 8 billion opportunities. Opportunities to reduce poverty, protect the planet and world peace by 2030. Become an agent of change to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Learn how small actions have a big impact on society, food, water and energy.

Smarter and more productive movement of people, goods and ideas

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