Bulgaria has a long history in the field of balneological treatment.

Some of the baths and spas, known from the Thracian and Roman periods, are: Augusta (Hisarya), Pautalia (Kyustendil), Thermopolis (Burgas Mineral Baths), Germany (today – Sapareva Banya) and others.

Today’s capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, originated and developed thanks to its mineral springs, because of which Emperor Constantine the Great said: “Serdica is my Rome!”.
The largest Roman bath in the Balkans is located in Bulgaria – the Roman baths in Varna, built in the late second century.

Specialized balneological centers were built by emperors such as Maximilian, Trajan, Septimius Severus and Justinian.

During the Ottoman rule, Turkish baths were actively built, most often on the remains of Roman baths.

In 1885 the first Bulgarian Catalog of Mineral Waters was created. The first chemical analysis of Bulgarian mineral water (from springs in Hissarya) was carried out in 1882, after which the “Regulations for the operation of Hissar baths” were introduced. It is believed that this is the official beginning of modern spa treatment in our country.

In the early 1950s, several spa resorts were established and profiled by the groups of diseases they could cure.

The presence of balneology in Bulgaria will be the focus of the Bulgarian event within the next thematic week of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, called “Health & Spa”.


Every visitor of the Bulgarian Pavilion in the week of January 31st – February 6th, 2022 will participate in a raffle for a SPA Holiday for two on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, provided by the resort complex „Sts Constantine and Helena“.

Participants in the Health and Wellness Forum, organized by the Bulgarian pavilion on February 2nd, will have a double chance to win this award!

The resort complex „Sts Constantine and Helena“.
The resort complex „Sts Constantine and Helena“.

Over 90% of the mineral waters in our country have healing properties. A quarter of these waters are on the coast. Among the destinations in Bulgaria, which have rich resources from thermal sources with proven healing effect on the human body, is the Sts. Constantine and Helena Resort. The resort has 7 hot thermal mineral source. They are calcium-magnesium, sponge-mineralized and a water temperature between 40 and 60° С. The mineral water and its use for health are one of the most important elements in the development of the resort as a year-round destination for sea and SPA.

The resort Sts. Constantine and Helena is the first Bulgarian sea resort is with century-old traditions in thalassotherapy, climate therapy, balneology, SPA and mud therapy. The place offers year-round vacations, sea and SPA weekends, sports facilities, rehabilitation, health care, the best seacoast restaurants.