‘’Cities of the future’’ was the theme of the business conference held at the Bulgarian Pavilion which took place during the third thematic week of Expo 2020 Dubai – ‘’Urban and Rural Development’’.

The business conference took place in the Terra Pavilion.
The business conference took place in the Terra Pavilion.

The moderator of the conference was Stefan Abadjiev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber “Smart Grids”.

The conference brought together experts in the field of energy, ecology, business from Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Nigeria, Brazil, Uganda, Botswana, India and other countries.

The first presentation was by arch. Pano Kozarov, founder of the leading architectural studio “EKABO”, which already has several awards for innovative projects. He presented a project of a kindergarten that will have a zero-carbon footprint, hence reflecting the greatest technological advances of the 21st century. It integrates “SMART” systems, which guarantee maximum economy, expediency and intelligence in the use of natural resources.

Architect Kozarev also emphasized the social aspect of the project since there is a shortage of kindergardens in Bulgaria.

Architect Pano Kozarov
Architect Pano Kozarov

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to the “Smart Grid” technology which is becoming popular in many countries. The technology, presented at the conference by Stefan Abadjiev, allows for the mass production of electricity from solar energy and for the development of electric mobility. Mr. Abadjiev reminded that the “smart grid” will allow the creation of green buildings where maximum efficiency of the used heat and electricity can be achieved. This fact will lead to the lowest possible heating costs.

After the official part, a networking event took place where the lecturers had a chance to meet with the guests. They exchanged ideas and discussed business opportunities.

In the late afternoon, the Bulgarian experts held business meetings with other participants of the thematic week “Urban & Rural Development Week” of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Lecturers and guests of the conference “Cities of the Future” enjoyed the performances of the mandolin quintet “Sofia” in the afternoon. The musicians were guests of the Bulgarian pavilion throughout the week, and today they gave a concert for the guests of “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

Mandolin quintet ‘’Sofia’’