Lebanese-Bulgarian artist, architect and designer Niki Sarkis has donated one of her paintings to the Bulgarian pavilion for a charitable cause. The funds from the sale of her work, which is already on display in the pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai, will be donated to the Bulgarian foundation “With Love to You” #withlovetoyou_foundation. 

The foundation is dedicated to supporting the “sunny children” – children and youth with Down’s syndrome and autism from the “Adapted physical activity Bulgaria” federation. Children from the organisation represent Bulgaria at world competitions and international games, from which they have already brought home gold and silver medals. Organized charity events finance their preparation and participation, and the coach Slav Petkov works with the young athletes for free.

The cause of the “With Love to You” foundation is supported by Code Media Group, the only TV channel for health in Bulgaria, “Code Health TV”. “Our greatest strength is in the kindness and courage of our hearts!” – this is the motto of the foundation, which in a symbolic way is shown in the artist Nicki Sarkis’ painting depicting a heart.   

Inspired by the idea of children’s health, Nicki Sarkis plans to continue supporting the “sunny children”’s cause. As an artist, she prefers acrylic paint, but often makes collages with paper by adding a mixture of various materials. She also uses clay, charcoal, a carving knife, but, as she puts it, “my fingers are usually my best brush.”

Nicki Sarkis has lived in Paris, New York, Milan, but she calls her home the cities of Sofia and Beirut: “I am happy to have had the chance to discover different cultures. They are powerful elements that shape my work process.”, the young artist has told “Elle” magazine.

The painting by Niki Sarkis can be seen in the Bulgarian pavilion until the end of Expo 2020 Dubai, after which it will be sent to its new owner, and the proceeds from its sale will be donated to the Bulgarian foundation.

Nicki Sarkis
Nicki Sarkis