The first three months have passed since the opening of  Expo 2020 Dubai – the World’s biggest fair and international event in terms of duration and attendance, which lasts until March 31, 2022. The theme of this Expo is “Connecting minds, creating the future.”

The 438-hectare site hosts 192 countries and is divided into three thematic areas: “Mobility”, “Sustainability” and “Opportunity”.

The Bulgaria pavilion is in the Mobility sector.

Each participating country demonstrates its contribution to the cultural, technological and economic development of the world through its own achievements. Bulgaria is presented as a center of innovation and technology, which stimulates the mobility of people and goods, and the interaction between East and West, religions and cultures, past and future, nature and tourism, economy and society, people and technology

The aim of the Bulgarian participation is to create a lasting and positive image of the business and cultural life in order to increase investment in various sectors of the economy.

After the active cultural and business program in October and November, the business calendar in December began with a topic dedicated to the circular economy.

“Carbon Hunting: What Exactly is CO2?” How does it affect our planet and what can we do to stop its harmful influence? ”- this was the topic which Nadia Paneva presented at Expo 2020. She is working on her doctoral dissertation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and is studying large-scale planetary processes in the interior of the earth.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Kovacheva and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veselin Chantov from the University of Library Science and Information Technology (UniBit) also took part in the business event in the Bulgarian pavilion. The topic of their presentation was “Green Thinking and Green Attitude”. The scientists presented the Bulgarian circular economy and green technologies, focusing on new methods and ways to reduce waste, the inefficiency of processes and opportunities for their optimization, methods of reduction, reuse and recycling, innovative products and new developments in the private sector.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veselin Chantov (UniBIT), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Kovacheva (UniBIT) and Galina Raicheva
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veselin Chantov (UniBIT), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Kovacheva (UniBIT) and Galina Raicheva

The third presentation during the first business conference in the Bulgarian pavilion was related to the future of the diamond semiconductor and how it could revolutionize the world.

The second business event took place on December 16 as part of Expo’s 2020 thematic week: Knowledge and Learning (December 12-18, 2021).

The topic of the conference in the Bulgarian pavilion was “Digital Transformation of Skills and Educational Challenges”.

“Development of a highly efficient digital educational ecosystem” and “European education and social media” were the topics presented by the scientists and researchers from UniBit. Lecturers were Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev, Prof. Dr. Tereza Trencheva and Prof. Dr. Hristina Bogova.

Prof. Tereza Trencheva was invited to appear on an evening show on Abu Dhabi TV, where she spoke about the Bulgarian education system.

Prof. Dr. Teresa Trencheva (UniBIT) in Abu Dhabi TV
Prof. Dr. Teresa Trencheva (UniBIT) in Abu Dhabi TV

“The world today makes the debate on the ‘meaning and content’ of higher education not only extremely interesting but also quite complex. Education in its classical, academic form is losing its due importance and the focus is shiting on preparing today’s young people how to acquire practical rather than theoretical abilities and skills, “said scientists from UniBit.

“This contradictory position suggests that without adequate and radical change, the current European higher education system will not be able to cope with the new global challenges and will not be able to cope with future ones.”

Prof. Dr. Tereza Trencheva (UniBIT), Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev (UniBIT), Galina Raicheva (Executive Director of Bulgaria Expo 2020), Prof. Dr. Hristina Bogova (UniBIT).
Prof. Dr. Tereza Trencheva (UniBIT), Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan Denchev (UniBIT), Galina Raicheva (Executive Director of Bulgaria Expo 2020), Prof. Dr. Hristina Bogova (UniBIT).

‘Automate the future – the Bulgarian potential in the field of robotics and automation “was the topic of Kristian Mihailov’s online presentation. He discussed the potential in robotics and automation.

Mr. Mihailov is a co-founder and part of the Management Board of the Professional Association of Robotics and Automation.

In his presentation, he talked about the role of technology education, the need to develop hardware incubators financed by businesses, and the meeting between students and high-tech native companies. Mihailov emphasizes the native developments in robotics, which bring added value in the innovation cycle, citing examples from the practice of the role of artificial intelligence in Bulgarian

Kristian Mihailov has more than six years of experience in the development of start-up companies, system integrators and outsourcing companies in the field of automation, information security and the Internet of Things. Christian is a co-author of the report on Bulgaria’s successes in robotics and automation. Some of the initiatives he is responsible for include “schools meet innovation” and the first virtual robotics educational incubator.

The latest presentation at the second business conference of the month was dedicated to “the shortest way to rediscover the future by removing all delays “. The lecturer Yavor Kiryakov is a teacher and heads the University for Children – an educational non-governmental organization. Kiryakov has degrees in economics, political science and pedagogy. He is currently working on his doctorate in didactics on the topic of inquiry-based learning applied in non-formal education.

Yavor Kiryakov believes that non-formal education is the shortest way to meet innovations in the field of education and their successful implementation on a mass scale.

The other events until the end of December are part of the cultural calendar of the Bulgarian pavilion. Our country is presented through its folklore and talents in different fields of art. The culmination of the cultural program is planned for February 9th, 2022, when the world audience at Expo 2020 Dubai will be able to attend the “Day of Bulgaria”.

Business events continue in 2022.