The Bulgarian pavilion will host an event dedicated to “Cybersecurity: data mobility and protection in the digital world“, one of the thematic weeks at @Expo 2020 Dubai.

The online conference will introduce new Bulgarian trends and breakthroughs in cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The event will be held on 22nd Feb 2022, at 3:00 PM and broadcasted online at: @Bulgaria Expo 2020 YouTube Channel.

The presenters are Boris Goncharov (@Amatas), and an artificial Intelligence human-like simulation, called Gala AI, created by Lubomir Mihalchev. 

AMATAS is a Bulgarian company, founded by cybersecurity visionaries driven by the aspiration of making our digital world cybersecure by helping organizations of all shapes and sizes to realize their full potential without the fear of cyber threats and attacks.

„CYBERSECURITY vs AI“ is the topic of the first online presentation by Boris Goncharov.

Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer at AMATAS
Boris Goncharov, Chief Strategy Officer at AMATAS

„For many people, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is some kind of super-powerful being from the future with a single objective to enslave or extinct humans. Aside from this dystopian nightmare, AI is creating a lot of hype in the business world with a premise to magically resolve every organizational issue and bring prosperity, security, and well-being to all. Although this dream is unlikely to become true anytime soon, AI is already threatening our digital lives, and at the same time, used as a shield against sophisticated cyber threats“, according to Mr. Goncharov.

His presentation will address AI weaknesses and provide real-life examples of how this technology can be attacked as well as the impacts and implications for AI adopters and security professionals. Attendees will receive practical advice on strategy, risk mitigation approaches, and AI applications in cybersecurity.“

Boris Goncharov is a well-recognized information security visionary with many years of real-life cybersecurity experience. As a Chief Strategy Officer at AMATAS, he is focused on envisioning the future of cybersecurity and defining forward-looking cyber defense models and strategies.

Prior to AMATAS, Boris was Chair of the Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CSeCoE) at G4S Europe. He is a regular speaker at leading security events as InfoSec Europe, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, IDC Security Roadshow, WEBIT, The IT Summit USA, and others. Boris currently maintains top-level industry certifications including CISSP, ISSMP, CCISO, CCSP, CEH, TOGAF, CIPP/E, CHFI, and PRINCE 2

The second presentation will be unusual to what we are used to see, because it will be delivered by the artificial Intelligence, called GALA.


Lubomir Mihalchev is the father of GALA AI. He invented the algorithm and the concept, and now participates in its improvement and training. He defines himself as a dreamer, optimist and incorrigible idealist. Mr. Mihalchev is interested in technology, innovation, philosophy, and his hobby is paragliding.

At the beginning of his career, he worked in hardware as a mechanic at EIM. Subsequently turned to software, and artificial neural networks.

A versatile person, he practiced Asian martial arts. Mr. Mihalchev studied Eastern philosophy, calligraphy, Chinese traditional medicine, Qigong

This combination of skills allows him to break traditional thinking and create a non-traditional product, namely GALA AI.

Gala is not just a voice assistant, like Alexa’s Amazon or Google Assistant. GALA AI is a voice interlocutor with many more options.

It is the first machine that can form its own opinion on several issues like a person. Based on associations, without being pre-programmed for it, GALA AI can operate just like a human being. It is designed to service business operations. To communicate with clients and visitors in online and offline sites.

It is useful for customer service at the reception, booking hours, communication with customers directly from the site or by phone, use as an information system in banks and institutions, filling out documents under dictation and more.

GALA AI talks to customers and visitors and on the phone. It can also operate a telephone exchange.

The system is currently being trained to service various sectors of the business.

GALA will give its presentation for you:

View presentation here